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Cotton Candy Fluff Bathing Foam

Cotton Candy Fluff Bathing Foam

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Pink Petal Puff Body Butter

Pink Petal Puff Body Butter

Regular price Rs. 550.00
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Watermelon Lip Balm

Regular price Rs. 200.00
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Berry Blast Chapstick

Berry Blast Chapstick

Regular price Rs. 150.00
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Meet our Devils

Say goodbye to boring bath time & hello to an epic adventure of clean, fun and totally safe self-care
with the 'Innocent Devils of Dirty Good'

Why shop with Dirty Good?

Hand Crafted & Micro Batched

Our meticulous process ensures exclusivity, quality, and attention to detail, allowing for customization and the creation of high-quality products.

Made with Love

Crafted with love and mindfulness, our products are infused with essential oils, providing a nourishing self-care experience. Each creation bears a unique, heartfelt touch, enhancing your child’s well-being.

Women Owned

Infused with creativity, determination, and leadership, we embody the strength and impact of female entrepreneurship in every product we offer.

Sensory Delight

Experience a delightful symphony of aromas, ranging from sweet cherry blossoms to zesty lemony and fruity fragrances, ensuring your kiddo is always prepared for any mood.

Gentle & Toxic Free

Indulge in toxin-free and gentle care with our thoughtfully crafted products. Prioritizing your child's well-being, we guarantee a nurturing experience that is both safe and effective.


We proudly disclose all ingredients used in our products, empowering consumers to make informed choices about what they put on their skin.

Gift Hamper

Gift your loved ones Dirty Good Hamper with a mix of Fluff Bathing Foams, Body Butters, Lip Balms and Chapstick packed in our specially designed boxes.

What People Are Saying

" We used Mermaid Splash and its lovely – soft and foamy and smell great! Kiddo was pleased as punch with the mermaid tail soap on top. Thanks again! "


" The Vanilla Fluff Body Butter smells fantastic, and the delicious scent stays on your body for a long time. It's so yummy that you just want to keep using it! "


" I loved Cotton Candy Fluff Bathing Foam. It was super soft, made my skin really smooth, and smelled amazing. It's the best I've tried! "


"The Fluff Bathing Foams are so so yummy – I have tried them all. They smell amazing and are so soft on the skin. Love them! "


" The Berry Blast Lip Balm tasted yummy and made my lips soft. Loved the Pink Petal Puff Body Butter - the fragrance and the texture was amazing. I have a very dry skin , this was just apt. "


"My daughter finds the lip balms much more moisturising than any popular brands she has tried. They are also currently using the Cotton Candy Bath Foam, and they love both the scent and how soft it leaves their skin. I personally adore the aroma and sometimes use it myself when they’re not around."


"Everything about Dirty Good is absolutely amazing - from the quality of ingredients you use to the packaging. My kids have thoroughly enjoyed jars of your foam soap & always want more! It’s been such a pleasure to work with you to curate my daughters Mermaid theme return favors & also gifts in the past for the family!
Can’t wait to see what all you create in the future ! Team Dirty Good, you have me in your corner rooting for you."



Stay Tuned for more selfcare joy!


Stay Tuned for more selfcare joy!